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Bedrijvenpark Hoeksche Waard is a business location in the area of Rotterdam (Netherlands). It’s strategically located and easily accessible from Rotterdam (and its international harbour), Moerdijk and Antwerp (Belgium). Therefore Bedrijvenpark Hoeksche Waard is ideal for logistics, warehousing, production and technical companies.

The total surface of the business park is 20 hectares. Part of this 20 hectares is technically prepared, so a quick start of construction is possible.

1. The facts

  • Total surface area: 20 hectares.
  • Close to the highways A29 and A15.
  • Plot sizes: Flexible layout from 2,000 m2 to 20,000 m2.
  • Facade: at least 45% of the building must be built on the alignment.
  • Facade height: varies between 9 and 12 meters. Deviation of 10% possible after permission of the municipality Binnenmaas.
  • Park management: Maintenance of greenery, direction signs and security.
  • Environmental category: 3.1. (till 4.2 possible after permission of the municipality Binnemaas).
  • Fibre optics network.
  • Parking, loading and unloading takes place on site. Amount of parking places according to CROW standards.
  • Storage: on-site and in any case out of sight from the public road.

2. Exterior /appearance

  • There is a set of rules/guidelines applicable for the desired quality of the plots and buildings. These are available on request.
  • The public area on this business location will be designed and built by the Bedrijvenpark Hoeksche Waard.

3. Partner during development proces and environmental permit

  • Bedrijvenpark Hoeksche Waard stays your partner form first orientation until end of the construction process.
  • We have knowledge of zoning plans, building regulations, laws and regulations, potential forms of financing and municipal area development plans.
  • Q(uality)team that helps you during the designing process to make a smooth process for the application of the final permit possible (at the municipality of Binnenmaas).

4. Parkmanagement

The main objective of the Bedrijvenpark Hoeksche Waard parkmanagement association is to help companies to optimise their environment and save cost. This involves for example the image and maintenance of the common areas, security and direction signing at the park.


For questions, please contact:
Bedrijvenpark Hoeksche Waard:
Sportlaan 22 – 3299 XG Maasdam
Postbus 5921 – 3273 ZG Westmaas
Tel: +31(88) 647 13 80 -

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